Infantry Our land
14 Friends of the junta
WAR.RU укр
WAR.RU eng
Life after 16:30 Seven years later
Verochka Past and present
Blue thunderstorms
Eagles of Rome
Katanga 2. Diplomacy
Katanga 3. Dispersion

Fugue “119”. In the tone of captivity

Roots and crown. Essays on Austria-Hungary: the fate of the empire
Once again about Central Europe: why Europe’s future is decided here
Reprints of unfinished drafts
Gray archaeologists
Thieves of the forest dumpsters
Light and brick
Psyches of two seas
100 Short stories about the war
Poems from the war
Coffee with a taste of ash
Return from the war
The way home
Russia in the east
Country in the third millennium
war-bound poetry
Adventures of a fly in boiling water in the occupied territories
Adventures of an adult female Pinocchio
And my mother will understand … Crimea 2014. Unimagined Stories
The dentist is going to get married 1 ukr
The dentist is going to get married 1 rus
The dentist is going to get married 2 rus
I work at the cemetery
Is my language my friend?
Bosnia in limbo
Conrad Adenauer
Sailor of Austria
210 good deeds
210 good deeds. Dark times
The unworthy
Thief of Memories
Mariam and the flying pancake
Mariam and window sill mail
Typhoon Cake and The Seventh Life of Bida Tetyanivna
Great escape


So you know
Between midnight and never