About us

DIPA Publishing House was established in 2016 in Kyiv by Pavel Belyansky and Dmytro Vokhmyanin. The main activity is the publication of modern Ukrainian literature.

DIPA was one of the first publishers to dare to publish veteran literature from authors who were direct participants in the war with Russia, and today occupies one of the key positions in this niche.

In 2017, the anthology “14 Friends of the Junta” was a resounding success, and since then we continue to publish books by ATO veteran authors, including Alexander Tereshchenko, Martin Brest, Vlad Yakushev, Alexei Petrov, Alexei Paikin, Boris Humeniuk and others.
We at DIPA Publishing House are convinced that the world should know the truth about this war, and books about the events in Donbass and Crimea are an important component of the information war inside Ukraine and abroad. Therefore, in 2021, the publication of veteran literature also began in English. The first publication, which was published immediately in Ukrainian and English versions, was a documentary study by Yuri Rudenko WAR.ru. It is also the first book on the Russian-Ukrainian war to be presented in the United States.
In addition, DIPA Publishing House has in its range children’s publications, historical books and adventure novels by both Ukrainian authors and foreign writers translated into Ukrainian.
High-quality printing, beautiful illustrations, fascinating plot and unusual content – this is how we see modern children’s books. We also master the bilingual format for those who study English. Volodymyr Nikitenko’s The Unworthy became our first bilingual children’s book.
Another area that DIPA Publishing House is developing is the publication of world-famous graphic novels in Ukrainian. Our collection already includes such legendary comics for adults as “Katanga”, “Kiltopia” and “Eagles of Rome”.