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Fugue 119
Igor Mykhailyshyn
I can talk a lot about this person. But I will not. Better yet, find his books, The Dance of Death – The Diary of a Donbas Battalion Volunteer, and Fugue 119 in the tone of captivity. And you will understand everything yourself. I would like to add that this is the second book in so much time, after the Ilovaysk Diary, by Roman Zinenko, that impressed me.
So talented to describe events comparing them to music, I have not read. Every shot is an onslaught, on a piano key, every whistle of a bullet, it’s a violin part, every explosion, it’s an organ. And you will feel it all. And then, there will be silence. The silence of captivity. Silence that will break the storm again.
Glad to meet you!
-Oleg Fedotov

Coffee with the taste of ash
Alexey Petrov
“Coffee with the taste of ash” is one of the few books that I read, despite the lack of time.
Without ornaments, without pathos and artistic conjecture – the military routine of the 37th separate motorized infantry battalion, heavy fighting and, unfortunately, irreparable losses. Alexey Petrov tells about the most difficult battles for our army with the enemy in Avdiivka, near Shirokino. The author’s reflections on how the war changed us, why we continue this struggle, and why victory is inevitable are interesting.
-Petro Poroshenko

Martin Brest
The book is powerful. About those who have already learned and accepted all the good and bad that befalls the infantry.
About those who found in themselves a civilian who is able to perform combat tasks without whining. Without whining, because he accepted even the existence of avatars, dirt and dolboebism, lack of security.
The swearing Buddhas mock each other, but are inwardly calm.
I have repeatedly called flashbacks, but only good flashbacks, joyful.
-Maksym Petrenko

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