Boris Gumenyuk

The name of Borys Humeniuk is familiar to all who are interested in military prose. But not only prose but also poetry. And also – fine arts. Because the author has many talents, which he generously shares with fans. The first volume of this two-volume book includes short stories – short and not very – about the war, as the author himself says. But this is not the whole truth, because war is the circumstances in which the heroes of short stories find themselves, and the short stories themselves are about people, about the country, about honor and dignity, about humanity, about heroism. About everything that happens in war. Some short stories may seem familiar to the attentive reader, they were published in the collection “14 friends of the junta” and in the book “Blockpost”. The author has finalized them and offers them together with completely new short stories, which have not been published anywhere yet.


100 Short stories about the war
Poems from the war
14 Friends of the junta