Oleksiy Petrov

Oleksiy Petrov hardly needs to be introduced, many Ukrainians know him due to his activity on social networks. On his Facebook page at the moment, the officer of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, formerly a senior manager, shared his thoughts on the Revolution of Dignity and annexation of Crimea and other important events in the city and country, often holding heated discussions with commentators. Later, one of the main topics of the post was volunteering, and soon the army routine – in March 2014, Alexei, barely announced partial mobilization, without waiting for the summons, appeared at the military enlistment office, then moved to the 37th Territorial Defense Battalion (later – a separate motorized infantry battalion – ed.). As part of this unit, Sergeant Petrov (he was awarded the rank of lieutenant in 2018 – ed.) Defended the Motherland in the anti-terrorist operation zone, eventually signing a contract. Oleksiy is an employee of one of the departments of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.


Coffee with a taste of ash




“Coffee with a taste of ash” interview with the author
50 and one book about the east of Ukraine, which is not a pity to spend time on
“Coffee with a taste of ash” interview with the author


-Petro Poroshenko Coffee with the taste of ash Alexey Petrov “Coffee with the taste of ash” is one of the few books that I read, despite the lack of time. Without ornaments, without pathos and artistic conjecture – the military routine of the 37th separate motorized infantry battalion, heavy fighting and, unfortunately, irreparable losses. Alexey Petrov tells about the most difficult battles for our army with the enemy in Avdiivka, near Shirokino. The author’s reflections on how the war changed us, why we continue this struggle, and why victory is inevitable are interesting. This is not the only book about the war in eastern Ukraine that is on my bookshelf. Most of them are donated by the authors themselves, which is especially valuable to me. I am reading…