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Vlad Yakushev – Ukrainian writer was born in 1975. in the city of Lviv. Higher education. In 1977 he graduated from Lviv Polytechnic State University, Faculty of Automation. Since 2000 he has worked as a journalist in Lviv and Kyiv. Last position: Editor-in-Chief of the magazine “Criminal Readings. West”. Participant in the Revolution of Dignity. From 2005 to 2017 – Press Secretary of the 14th OMBR. A participant in hostilities.


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Oksana Chukhlib
Vlad Yakushev 
Write about soldiers with humor! Read a book about the events of the war of 2015-2016 and laugh at jokes and curiosities, feel proud of the guys who in difficult conditions not only fought bravely, but also found strength for good deeds, friendly jokes, help the locals, (despite their ambiguous attitude). And wipe away tears in the sad moments when the boys lost their brothers.
Cabinet generals will NOT particularly like this book. Often they were the first to flee the battlefield and only spread demagoguery. Their images were almost caricatured and the fighters were not afraid to tell them the truth in their eyes. “Sorry, it’s infantry, brother,” says one of the main characters.
If you are a pacifist or think that you should just stop firing, it is better not to read, because the work has zero tolerance for enemies.
However, combat officers and volunteers are endowed with chivalrous qualities of self-sacrifice and show miracles of ingenuity, fighting with outdated weapons against trained enemy armies. Hurricane, Granite, Viking, Panda are their call signs.
Unusually, each chapter begins with an apt quote from a hero – a warrior, commander, priest, journalist. I can’t imagine when the author managed to write or memorize them?
And what self-irony about himself. Guess who the author’s prototype is, guess what.
In the light of the recent aggravation of the situation in Donbass, I calmly understand: we have a large motivated human resource and also an experienced one!
The book is written in a living, colloquial language. And this gives it color, life. And let literary critics argue among themselves that it is better to write novels and novels by professional writers in literary language or, for example, demobilized soldiers, and I decided for myself: military prose from an eyewitness – the truest, most sincere, it’s just pe-re-zhi-ta!
In conclusion, oh (how much I wrote), I want to say. In response to hostilities in Ukraine, a new genre emerged – modern military prose. And I know that I will read further, because there are many such works from fighters now.
And I’m waiting for Vlad Yakushev’s film adaptation of “Punishers”. The main thing is to find funds and a director who will be able to show not only the war, but also the PEOPLE in the war, as the author intended.

Elena Ilyushina
Vlad Yakushev 
The first impression was: nichossi, tome! I will read it for six months! … The book waited patiently for 9 days. And then it ended abruptly in two and a half.
The vast majority of people in the rear, in principle, do not realize that the guys in uniform did the impossible. Even those who were not indifferent imagined something “scary” and “difficult” in the abstract. A few years ago, a message was spread on the Internet (I don’t remember the author, unfortunately) where a very old uncle almost cried out loud when he met a column of armored vehicles with the words: “They are going to die for us.” And they went, in fact, to certain death… The scale of the catastrophe, on the verge of which were both the army and the country, you begin to understand literally with all your skin from the very first pages. From the meeting, before sending to the front…
For several days I tried to understand what the Punishers look like the most to me. Paradoxically, but – on the photo album. Photo report in words. Chronologically consistent shots capture individual moments of life, creating a holistic picture. Immersed in reading-viewing, you soon catch the existence of story lines in the actual non-plot work. Retired Kondrashov, wise and prudent San Sanich, genius grenade launcher Hedgehog, caring cook Misha, zampolit-Pentecostal, walking catastrophe Gurza-threat, Lyuska, Third, Tsok-Tsok…
And all the time the thought wanders around: “How fast and far would the front line move if these desperate people had something to fight for?”
Conclusion? Must be read.
Thank you, Vlad.
P.S. The combination of a weightless air bookmark with a massive volume in a strict cover is actually very symbolic. Our defenders went to hell so that we in the rear could continue to create something useful and beautiful. Keep living.+


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