Igor Mykhailyshyn

Lawyer by education, amateur pianist Igor Mykhailyshyn, having traveled all over the Maidan, decided to go to war and in 2014 became a volunteer of the Donbas Battalion. After the training camp he became a grenade launcher and served in a platoon under the command of “Lermontov”. He spent 120 days in captivity, 5 times he was promised to be exchanged, but in vain: “Then I understood and wrote about it in the book” Fugue 911 “, that hope is a treacherous feeling in captivity. She takes on a lot of emotions that are not justified. You wait, you hope, nothing happens – and you’re exhausted, you don’t care. ” But in captivity, all the prisoners tried to support each other, says Igor. “For example, when a fighter came or was brought in black from interrogation because he was beaten, we all approached him and told some jokes, even tried to joke about those beatings, and he also laughed through tears with us.”


Fugue “119”. In the tone of captivity




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“Pianist” and fugue hell
A volunteer from the Donbas Battalion in Cherkasy presented books about the war
When we capitulated near Ilovaisk, the captured Russians didn’t want to return to the – Mikhailishin


Fugue 119
Igor Mykhailyshyn 
I can talk a lot about this person. But I will not. Better yet, find his books, The Dance of Death – The Diary of a Donbas Battalion Volunteer, and Fugue 119 in the tone of captivity. And you will understand everything yourself. I would like to add that this is the second book in so much time, after the Ilovaysk Diary, by Roman Zinenko, that impressed me.
So talented to describe events comparing them to music, I have not read. Every shot is an onslaught, on a piano key, every whistle of a bullet, it’s a violin part, every explosion, it’s an organ. And you will feel it all. And then, there will be silence. The silence of captivity. Silence that will break the storm again.
Glad to meet you!
-Oleg Fedotov